Monday, March 11, 2013

In like a lion...

March is here, and everyone - everywhere else, at least - is lauding the presence of Spring. Well, here in New England, we've had more snow in late February and early March than we've had in the last three winters combined. So we're happy to hear that there is hope for a change of seasons!

While all this weather has been going on, I've been playing some more (a lot, actually) with my artistic muse. Here are some examples of what I've been up to. All of these are from my art journals.

I'm taking a class "Alter Me Silly" from my friend Laura Thykeson (find it at Laura is one of the most talented people I've ever known, and she is fun. The first task was to acquire a "big book" so I was off to the used book store to explore. I ended up purchasing an old Children's Atlas of the US. Our first instructions were on how to decorate the cover. I didn't follow any of Laura's directions for that (I am known to her as a problem child). Instead, I used some of the scraps of mine from my Gelli-Arts printing plate. I have so many, and it just seems right to use what I have and not go purchase fabric. Besides, I don't have a glue gun, either. So here is my initial result. I may add a little embellishment to the front cover, but part of me says "The box clicked." We'll see.

FRONT COVER: For the front cover, first I spread a thin layer of gesso over the shiny finish of the book board. Once that dried, I painted it black. It was a new, blank palette! I loved it, but had to finish my job.

BACK COVER: I did not gesso or paint the back cover. I simply glued the Deli-wrap prints right onto the original cover. Some of the printing shows through, which I really like! That was a happy mistake!

I've just been having all sorts of fun, and feel very blessed. We are one day into Daylight Savings Time, and already it feels like life is more bearable. Perhaps it has something to do with that promise of Spring. Oh, and just to prove my point about the weather, here is what it looked like here last Friday morning!

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