Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My New Old Friend

Today was a very big day for me!

When I arrived in Harvard Square and called Fritzie, she was stuck in traffic. About ten minutes later, she called back asking where I was...and we kept asking questions of each other until -- TA DA!! -- there we were!! Yep, it's true, Fritzie and I met up and we had a great time together!! (I promise to post a photo, but need to get her permission first!)

We sat on a bench outside of a flower shop for about an hour and a half, talking about this and that and a little more of this and some more of that. It was like we'd just visited last week. It was as if we'd known each other for a long time. I felt right at home with Fritzie. Every time I think about this morning, I just start smiling!

And I got to meet her husband and her beautiful daughter, and she showed me a photo of Gabby!! Oh, we just talked about everything. I gave her a little "book of art" I made for her, something like the accordian book in my intro to this thread. She gave me wisdom and cheer and smiles and hugs and I'm not the same Mary I was when I left home this morning!

Today has been an awesome day, and this is just one of the reasons. 

I am a very, very lucky girl.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lovely New Publication

Do you ever hear or read about something and know immediately you have to have it? I don't even remember how I found out about this publication, but just seeing a photo of its cover told me to GET IT! So, I did.

It's a magazine called Featuring: Art Journaling, Mixed Media & More... and Issue #1 is sitting right here beside me. It not only looks delightful, but it is large and smooth and cool to the touch and smells like good paper. So much thought has gone into this beautiful work of art, and it shows. I'm so happy!

There are several featured artists, of varying styles and backgrounds. A blogger is also featured, and they have an article on labyrinths. Did you know there is a web site for "World Wide Labyrinth Locator? There is a very long discussion with a legal expert on copyright (which I have not read). Some lovely artwork of an artist who worked in Swaziland is also shown. Plus there's a really interesting feature on doodling, with some tips to try! ATCs are given a nice 3-page shout-out, and this issue's Theme Gallery is "Cheering, Stomping and Applauding." Some really fun stuff! 

I would encourage you, if you have some extra mad money, to visit the web site and order yourself a copy.

I'm so happy I did!