Saturday, June 18, 2011

Super 8

I have not seen a new-release film in its first few days in a long time. Tonight, we went to see "Super 8" and I am here to tell you - "DON'T MISS IT!"

I am not a fan of horror films. But I did love "Stand By Me."

"Super 8" is a combo of "Stand By Me" and SciFi Horror. Somehow, magically, this movie ties it all together in a soft, meaningful way. Afterwards, you will discover all the ways they make fun of directors and Hollywood and horror. But while you're watching it, you will be tied to your seat, eyes wide open.

Jonathan was "all over me" by the end of the film, he was so frightened. But when we were driving home, Warren mentioned how it all came together for him when the guy in the row behind us yelled (towards the end), "LET GO OF THE GUN!" We all laughed out loud, and that's when the horror became entertainment.

Go see this movie! It's worth it. It could not have worked better with a famous cast. It's beautiful and touching and stupid and scary all rolled into one. It's also PG-13. Do not take your young children. There was a couple in front of us with their grandchild who must not have been ten years old. I found myself looking over at him several see (and you'll understand why if you see the movie) if he was vomiting. Really, it's fun! Go see it. Tell me, PLEASE, if you do.

I can't believe I sat through it and loved it!

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