Friday, June 17, 2011

Jumping With June Joy

I've been a member of Coach Creative Space for almost four years, and this month CCS is celebrating its fourth birthday. Members were asked to share, in our "favorite form" what we have gained from the myriad of people and discussions which make up this community. Here is what I submitted:

I have grown so much - especially with my artistic expression - from being part of this group. The friendships that have come with it are just icing on the cake...and they are genuine, good friends. We all come and go, but we all keep being there for each other and encouraging one another to keep after what makes our hearts happy. So, to "Dan the Man" and all my special friends at CCS, "Happy  Birthday and Thank You!" from me.

Check it out if you need a place to share your creative mind and spirit with the world!

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