Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hello Friends!

Finally, I have a blog! Welcome to Vermongelin -- interesting name? Let me explain.

When I was growing up, my mother used to make a dessert which was always a treat. It was called Vermongelin. Apparently, it was "invented" by her mother - MomMom, as we called her. The dish consisted of partially set jell-o, over which was poured heavy cream. Then, you took your electric hand mixer and melded it all together. You let it re-set for several hours, and called it Vermongelin.

It's been years since this treat crossed my lips. Maybe this year for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Anyway, what it means to me is to "do what you will with what you have" and make the best of it. Even if it's not top-notch, pretend it is and have fun and taste the sensation of it.

Whether it's your life, your creativity, your's all what it is, because it's yours. I'm determined to make the best of what I've made of my life. This is it! (And I am not talking about the Michael Jackson movie!) THIS is it. This is IT. This IS it. THIS IS IT. Repeat until you get it.

Thanks for visiting. I hope to make your future visits to my blog well worth their time.


  1. Welcome to the blogging world :) I love your story and your memory of the special dessert. You are right – we do need to remember to make the best of what we have. If we change our focus here, instead of toward what we are lacking, our days are bound to feel more special. I'm gonna give this a try tomorrow!


  2. Yay!
    My first visit to your new blog!
    I love the name and its symbolism.
    Life is too short; what are we waiting for?
    Love & Laughter,

  3. Wendy and DJ, Thank you for you wonderful, inspiring comments! Now I think I'm off to create another addition to this Vermongelin's been a week!

    Love to everyone who reads this. XO