Thursday, December 10, 2009

Eating Potato Chips

Thursday, November 19, 2009
I am eating potato chips. Everyone but me is in bed. The only sound I can hear is the crunch of the chips in my mouth. It's very loud!

Why am I eating potato chips? Well, mostly because my day was horrendous, and right now I am at the point of my mind...

Yet, right now - when my mouth is empty of the crunching - all is very still. All is quiet, and it makes me think...about silence.

Do I really enjoy silence? YES!! Most of the time, I welcome it!

But there's something really soothing about the sound of these potato chips crunching in my mouth....hmmmm...let me try one more and see if I can express it better...

YES! That's it! I love being "alone" yet I love the sound of presence. Whose presence? That's the question.

Well, if you shop at BJ's, be sure to buy Archer Farms Traditional Potato Chips. They are the crunchiest, most awesome potato chips I've a week or so.

What sounds are you creating in your mouth? What does that sound mean to you? Are they loud sounds? Are they comforting sounds?

Tell me about the sounds you hear in your head, created by your mouth.

Am I weird, or what?!

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