Friday, February 1, 2013


I was just sitting here, not really "searching" the internet, but doing a little browsing. Something occurred to me when I saw the word COLOR highlighted in a blog I was reading.

First of all, I mistook the word for COLORADO and immediately was interested...then immediately disappointed when it was only COLOR. But then, it occurred to me that COLOR is part of COLORADO and without COLOR, there would not be a COLORADO! So, my dear native state is inside of me because I am - truly - (in spite of what I said above) all about COLOR! However, where I currently live give me signals of words that don't seem to be as much fun as COLOR. But I won't go there.

Here is a photo to show you some of what I've been busy doing lately. I just love decorating these Kraft tags! I also did some simple index cards. There is something very gratifying about how the paper of the index card absorbs the water colors and spreads them around naturally. It's been almost comforting doing these artistic tasks!

I've also been busy making some very special Valentines. Are you on my list? Just say the word, and I'll have one of these sweet things sent your way. I love Valentine's Day!

Also I've been busy with my Gelli-Arts Gelli Plate. I got the large (12x14) for Christmas, but have not opened it yet. The original 8X10 seems to be a great size to work with, although I also have the 6X6. Anyway, I'm just begining the Gelli-Arts tutorial with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer and it is great so far. Tonight I did a lot of deli paper monoprints, using different objects to make shapes and texture. Fun, fun, fun.

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