Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Feeling Loved

This evening, after hearing the news of Elizabeth Edwards' young life coming to it earthly end, I received two emails from two people who know me pretty well. They thought about me when they heard of her death. She is one of my life heroes. I want to share these emails with you, and my responses to them.

Dear Mary,
   Don just told me he’d read on Google that Elizabeth Edwards had died.   I know you will grieve over this and that you were a great fan of this lovely lady.   Know I have you in my heart.   Peace and good - Sally

I’m so saddened by this news. I found out before your email came. Just hung up from talking to Amy. What a great woman. Now I MUST read her second book; her first was incredible.

Thanks for the love.


Dearest Mary,

I know you must be grieving deeply today, for I remember how much Elizabeth's books and her life meant to you.
Are you okay?

Anne Marie

How sweet of you, Anne Marie! Thank you. Yes, my heart is very heavy tonight. I watched a beautiful report on her on MSNBC this morning, and remember thinking, “I hope she lives past Christmas.” I didn’t have any idea she was so gravely ill.

Her spirit will live on in millions of women who probably believed in her much more than her husband. I have to keep reminding myself that SHE is the winner in all this, even though it appears he is. I just ache for her children, more than anything. She’s fine now.

As it turns out, tonight was the monthly Healing Service at St. Luke’s, so I had the opportunity to sit quietly and think about her and say an extra prayer for her children. I’m okay. God’s in charge. There’s nothing I can do. God will take care of me and you and everyone else who will miss her passionate and lovely presence on this earth.

Perhaps I should make a SoulCollage card about her. And I’ll start wearing that button I have: Elizabeth Edwards for First Lady. She sure won that campaign, didn’t she?

Love you. Thanks so much.


May God bless her beautiful children, and may her light perpetual shine upon all of us. Thank you, God, for sharing this beautiful woman with us.

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