Friday, July 9, 2010

SoulCollage Blog Party - July 31, 2010

Hello friends,

I'd like to invite you to participate in this first-of-its kind event on July 31st. Here are some links to let you know more about the process of SoulCollage, something I've been involved with for nearly three years. I truly believe in this creative art form. Here are a few of my own cards.

I am the one who cares about the future of our children.
I am the one who knows that life comes out of tragedy.
I am the one who holds the future in my hands.
I am the one whose heart burns with the desire for our earth to be healed.

For some helpful insights and knowledge of SoulCollage, you can also visit



  1. Oh, beautiful. I love the deceptive simplicity of your images -- meaning that as my eye is drawn to them I focus on the two or three aspects of it and the space -- but then I go deeper! So much there, different levels of perception. Thank you for sharing them, and your thoughts on SoulCollage!

  2. Thank you, Jane! I really appreciate your comments. SoulCollage is very personal to me, but I'm always so excited to show and tell and share my cards with others!

  3. Your cards are lovely. It is amazing the personal things we find in these images. I'm also drawn to umbrella images.

  4. These cards are stunning and intriguing. Thank you for participating in the blog party. It is wonderful to see all of these cards.

  5. These are lovely images. They make me look deep for meaning and I always find it there.

  6. I was very drawn to the first one when I saw it a couple of weeks ago...and then realized I had the same background image in one of my cards! I love the juxtaposition of growth and fire.